Wordpress Websites – Fast, Cost Effective and Great for Social Media

Difference between a Blog and a Website

A blog (web log) is simply a website with the content arranged chronologically (like a diary). A website is arranged hierarchically around content themes in very much the same fashion as a book is organised into chapters. It usually begins with a Home page on the left and ends with a Contact us page on the right

Wordpress Websites are Very User Friendly  

The other great advantage that the Wordpress websites have over traditional websites is that they are very user friendly. Anyone who has set up and run a free Blogger or Wordpress blog will be able to manage this effortlessly. I tell people that if they can cape with Facebook, they will be able to run their Wordpress blogsite.

Wordpress Templates – Easy to Change

Wordpress is an open source programme and has an almost unlimited range of templates and goodies and gadgets and widgets, because people design and write them all the time, usually for free – the plug-ins are what create all the other “fancy” stuff on the blog like the calendars, the links to twitter, facebook and other social media and the slideshows.
And the great thing about the Wordpress templates is that when you get tired of your old look, you just change the template and you have a brand new website.

Why Chose a Wordpress Website over a Conventional Website

There are a few reasons that you’d chose a Wordpress website over a “conventional" website

  • If you have information that you need to get on to the web fast
  • If you like writing and blogging
  • If you feel that social media is an important element in your marketing mix
  • If your business or organisation is not big enough that you need a full time web person to work on your website, but you still want to put regular updates on your website
  • If you need control over your website yourself and don’t want to sit around and wait for some webmaster or anyone else to update your website
  • If you have a lot of breaking news or new products and you want to get them out into the market really quickly
  • You like to change the whole look of your website with every campaign/season/ lover
  • Easy to add extra functionality like voting, contact forms, sitemaps using plug-ins
  • Uses PHP and MYSQL, which are supported on almost all web hosts.
  • Thousands of free templates

Do not get a Blog website when

  • You have a big business with lots of information you need to put on the website
  • If is possible, but other platforms like Joomla will be much more suitable. Joomla is a great Contents Management System CMS and has amazing abilities to organise large amounts of information.
  • If you have a specific design in your mind. Remember Wordpress, has its own structure. It can give you incredible functionality, but it might not look exactly as you have imagined it. You can get custom designed Wordpress Websites, but it will cost you considerably more.
  • If you want all kinds of flash stuff. You can have flash and you can also have banners and advertising, but you rather have to do it on Wordpress’s terms.
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